31 March 2010

My first experience went pretty well :)

Before starting to write about the modeling yesterday, I want to say that thanks Mick for helping me sort out my blog link on my follower icon! I sorted it finally! It was something to with my Google account. If anyone else is having the same problem I might be able to help so feel free to PM me :)

Right, I went to the art class and did modeling yesterday as I mentioned before. It was so enjoyable. I definitely would like to do that again! People in the class were very friendly and fun so I could do modeling in a lovely atmosphere. I did 10 poses in total for about 5 hours, both standing poses and sitting poses. I found that standing poses are really hard as my legs get tired especially when I was leaning on one leg.

This is the art class and I was modeling in the middle. There were about 20 people drawing me.

Everyone in the class was very good at drawing and I really liked all of them so I took almost all of the pictures.

So, I'm going to show you some of the pictures.
This was drawn by my mother in law by the way.

This is my husband's one. He said he did very well in my hair bit. (I have so much hair and it's really long.)

This is my favourite one:)  Well done Chris(my husband)!!

The final pose was this, set by the teacher. It was nice and colourful.

I have to admit that after eating this much food at lunch time....

.....I was trying not to nod off...                   ....this is me a bit sleepy.

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon :)
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30 March 2010

Help me!!

Last night I couldn't go to sleep until 3!!!
I've got a question.
Why can't I see my blog on my profile?? I can see it on my proper profile if I click 'view complete my profile' on my actual blog page or my name on comments but when I click my picture on followers of other people's blog I follow to go to my page then I only can see 'Blog I've joined' and 'Activities', there is not 'Link' where usually your own blog or website on!

I think some others might be having the same problem which is why I can't follow some people.....
I can't get my head around it X(
Can anyone help me???

I have to go modeling now!!!

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29 March 2010

Good news from the shop.

I received a mail from the owner of the shop called Inspired where our jewellery is stocked this morning and it says that there are only a few items left in the shop so she needs more of our items! We took 24 items in total 2 months ago. It's not a lot but it's really good achievement for me :)
The shop closes on Monday so I'm going to take more stock on Wednesday.

This is my little jewellery corner in the shop★ (Sorry for the poor picture.)

I will be knackered tomorrow as I've got a modeling job at an art class all day. It's my first time. I was told that I will only need to be sitting or standing but I think it will be pretty hard to do for such a long time.

My husband is also coming to join the class and draw me as he's got a 2 weeks easter holiday from today(He is a teacher.) I might show you how my picture was done on here if he draws me well enough ;)

Thanks for reading and I'll write again soon!
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28 March 2010

Look what I found!!

Sorry for the people who thought there would be some beautiful craft by the title and came to this blog to check it out! My today's entry is nothing to do with craft....

This is a view from my bedroom and I saw something very cute a few days ago....

...it's a squirrel :) He is usually eating breakfast at about 7:45 in the morning with his friends but he turned up on his own at 8 that day and, as his friends ate all food for them(squirrel), he had no choice but to eat bird food, trying hard - stretching like this. I guess he must have overslept...

This morning I found him alone again.(It must be the same one!!)

He found a better way to eat bird food this time. It looks quite comfy actually.

It's nice to wake up in the morning, look out the window and see something so funny and cute :)

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon. (It will be something to do with craft next time!)
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27 March 2010


Good evening★
It's been not too bad this week as I was pretty well organised :) I feel good about the fact that I could do what I needed to do! Things get messed up if I'm lucky enough to get more sales than I expected in the week or if my students book Japanese lessons at short notice. However, I set a reasonable target so it was no problem this week. Well done me :D

Right, I'm going to show you some of my work!

These tiny origami paper turns out butterfly and crane earrings.

I fold the origami paper into these shapes.

This step is actually one of my favourite parts, putting Swarovski crystals on them.


(They are about to get into the boxes!)

Thanks for reading and I'll write again soon★

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26 March 2010

Origami Jewellery Boxes

They've wanted to be shown off for ages but I was too busy to upload the new photos to my laptop from my camera. I don't usually make origami boxes for my jewellery but these were specially made for New Origami Lotus Brooches as the owner of the shop stocking my jewellery wasn't happy with the boxes I took with the brooches. She wanted more from me, like items in the shop are all proper handmade which means that every single pieces in the shop are made by crafters, not bought in from a shop. I wasn't sure how I could make jewellery boxes with origami paper at first. I knew how to make origami boxes but I wasn't very confident about the durability of origami boxes as most proper origami papers are very thin and delicate. It's perfectly alright for making small pieces as I only need to put gloss on them to give them durability but I can't use the gloss for the big origami boxes. It will cost me a lot! No way! So I started looking for some paper to replace origami paper and that was strong enough to be a box and I found the thick pattern papers. I don't think it's origami paper but has pretty patterns like origami paper so you can still call it 'Origami' paper I suppose :P

By the way, the boxes I took first are these. I agree with the owner now. They are good enough to use to me but the point is, to spend time for making things with your hands and sell them. You could charge more for that too!

This is the inside of my handmade box. As I said I was worried about the durability but it's turned out quite strong.

Another piece of advice from the owner was where to put a company label. At first I put it on the top of the box but she said it's better to put it on the back as costumer can use the box for any ways and it's better value for money and still the company information is there. I and my husband have never thought that before so this was really helpful advice.

Oh I'd better go now! I'm teaching Japanese this afternoon!

Thanks for reading and I'll write again soon!

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25 March 2010

A good gloss?

I did think that it was getting warmer this morning on the way to the post office but actually it's still pretty cold. I hate being cold :(

Today, I posted 2 of 3D Crystal Lacquer imported directly from the manufacturer in the United States. I'm using this for my jewellery as well. We used to buy the lacquer from a craft shop near us but they stopped selling them for some reason. I have used different other glosses but none of them were as good as the one from America and also we wanted to buy a bigger size refill type rather than a small applicator type but we couldn't find anybody in England selling the refill type so we decided to make a wholesale account with the company in America. Selling the gloss on our website is only to cover the shipping fee. This 3D Crystal Lacquer provides a superior quality, non-toxic, water-based gloss suitable for all paper crafts.
If anyone is looking for a good gloss then have a look at our website :)

Thank you for reading and I'll write again soon♪

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24 March 2010

Getting ready for craft fairs!

Despite the wet weather it's been a lovely day today, having lunch with my friend and chatting in one of my favourite cafes, The Alley Cafe & Bar in Nottingham town centre. Whilst I was in the town I went to The Bead Shop to give them craft fair fliers for Pennie Fairs in Northampton.

We went to the Christmas craft fair which the same people organized last November and we loved it so much. It's not only because of the good sales we had but also the atmosphere of the fair and the high quality of the crafts. They were all selling very unique, interesting stuff which is only handcrafted not bought in. This fair is very strict about quality of items.

Some craft fairs we went to were not like this. We don't mind selling our jewellery at a gift fair but we prefer a fair selling just handcrafted items as we found that people who like to come to handcrafted craft fairs tend to be prepared to pay more for things and appreciate how much work goes into it.

Anyway the fairs are held on the 4th & 5th in March.
I'd better make every origami piece completed and get ready to go!

By the way, I just went to the Exhibitors Picture Gallery and it's so exciting to look at my own name and our jewellery photo listed :)

Thanks for reading, I`ll write again soon.

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