24 March 2010

Getting ready for craft fairs!

Despite the wet weather it's been a lovely day today, having lunch with my friend and chatting in one of my favourite cafes, The Alley Cafe & Bar in Nottingham town centre. Whilst I was in the town I went to The Bead Shop to give them craft fair fliers for Pennie Fairs in Northampton.

We went to the Christmas craft fair which the same people organized last November and we loved it so much. It's not only because of the good sales we had but also the atmosphere of the fair and the high quality of the crafts. They were all selling very unique, interesting stuff which is only handcrafted not bought in. This fair is very strict about quality of items.

Some craft fairs we went to were not like this. We don't mind selling our jewellery at a gift fair but we prefer a fair selling just handcrafted items as we found that people who like to come to handcrafted craft fairs tend to be prepared to pay more for things and appreciate how much work goes into it.

Anyway the fairs are held on the 4th & 5th in March.
I'd better make every origami piece completed and get ready to go!

By the way, I just went to the Exhibitors Picture Gallery and it's so exciting to look at my own name and our jewellery photo listed :)

Thanks for reading, I`ll write again soon.

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Shpangle said...

It is nice to read that there are still some good quality craft fairs around. I have been put off a little recently from doing craft fairs because of the amount of bought in items.


Origami Jewellery said...

We agree. Have a look at our website to see the fairs that we go to. They`re all pretty good for handmade stuff.

Handmade Revolution in Nottingham are friends of ours and run strict 'handmade only' fairs. They might be worth a look if you're in the area :)

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