22 March 2010

Gift Wrapping

Today was supposed to be my day off after working 7 days in a row but again I ended up working. I don't think I can/will have a complete day off doing nothing as my room is also my work room.  Even when I try to read books with a nice hot drink I start doing something for our business like marketing, making more jewellery or doing preparation for Japanese lessons. Yes, I'm a Japanese tutor as well as crafter (I'll introduce myself properly some other time). I'm not obsessive about having enough jewellery for craft fairs and shops but I can't stop thinking about our jewellery business.

An item I posted today is this. I was asked to wrap the jewellery as a gift by my costumer so I wrapped it up with a lovely pink soft paper and put a small origami butterfly on the top!

This is the another jewellery I wrapped. This was for the first wedding anniversary couple. I used the same wrapping paper and made an original message card for them. It said 'Congratulations on the first weddings anniversary! in Japanese'. I wrote a translation on the back.

Thanks for reading and I`ll write again soon!

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Shpangle said...

That is lovely! Small touches and attention to detail like that really do make a difference to your customer.


Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks! We hope that they enjoyed the gifts.

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