25 March 2010

A good gloss?

I did think that it was getting warmer this morning on the way to the post office but actually it's still pretty cold. I hate being cold :(

Today, I posted 2 of 3D Crystal Lacquer imported directly from the manufacturer in the United States. I'm using this for my jewellery as well. We used to buy the lacquer from a craft shop near us but they stopped selling them for some reason. I have used different other glosses but none of them were as good as the one from America and also we wanted to buy a bigger size refill type rather than a small applicator type but we couldn't find anybody in England selling the refill type so we decided to make a wholesale account with the company in America. Selling the gloss on our website is only to cover the shipping fee. This 3D Crystal Lacquer provides a superior quality, non-toxic, water-based gloss suitable for all paper crafts.
If anyone is looking for a good gloss then have a look at our website :)

Thank you for reading and I'll write again soon♪

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RiS said...

interesting! I also use gloss for my miniature sometimes. (But I am still using nail vanish. I need to buy something better gloss some point.) By the way. do you need to wash the brush with special liquid or what do you do, after uing gloss?

Origami Jewellery said...

I'm not using a special liquid to clean my brush, just warm water.
My gloss gives origami pieces durability and after that I use another varnish to make them waterproof so if you want to replace your nail varnish with some better varnish I don't think my gloss is suitable for that as the gloss doesn't make things waterproof. It will get sticky when you touch them with wet hands. xx

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