29 March 2010

Good news from the shop.

I received a mail from the owner of the shop called Inspired where our jewellery is stocked this morning and it says that there are only a few items left in the shop so she needs more of our items! We took 24 items in total 2 months ago. It's not a lot but it's really good achievement for me :)
The shop closes on Monday so I'm going to take more stock on Wednesday.

This is my little jewellery corner in the shop★ (Sorry for the poor picture.)

I will be knackered tomorrow as I've got a modeling job at an art class all day. It's my first time. I was told that I will only need to be sitting or standing but I think it will be pretty hard to do for such a long time.

My husband is also coming to join the class and draw me as he's got a 2 weeks easter holiday from today(He is a teacher.) I might show you how my picture was done on here if he draws me well enough ;)

Thanks for reading and I'll write again soon!
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Shpangle said...

Well done you! That is fantastic news about the shop and long may it continue.

Good luck with the modeling!


Minky Magic said...

Well done selling all your jewellery! Try not to think about the 'itch' when you're modelling and trying to keep still!

muze said...

That's sounds nice your Origami jewellery business taking off now!
and you can enjoy and manage your life ;) Just keep going on your way!

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm really happy about the fact that people find my jewellery worth paying :)
I managed to keep still and try not to think about the 'itch'!! I'm tired but enjoyed it a lot!

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