30 March 2010

Help me!!

Last night I couldn't go to sleep until 3!!!
I've got a question.
Why can't I see my blog on my profile?? I can see it on my proper profile if I click 'view complete my profile' on my actual blog page or my name on comments but when I click my picture on followers of other people's blog I follow to go to my page then I only can see 'Blog I've joined' and 'Activities', there is not 'Link' where usually your own blog or website on!

I think some others might be having the same problem which is why I can't follow some people.....
I can't get my head around it X(
Can anyone help me???

I have to go modeling now!!!

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Shpangle said...

I think it is something to do with the Google account profile.

Click on 'Dashboard' and then 'My account'...this will take you to your Google account. Click on 'Edit Profile'

Page down to where it says 'links' and you should see 'My links'

Here you can add your blog link and website etc.

Hope that helps!

Origami Jewellery said...

Shpangle, thanks so much for your help and I tried to do what you said and found that the edit 'My links' page on my Google account page and I added my blog page and website but I'm still having the same problem....I'm guessing that this kind of changes might take a while to update(I hope)... I'm also thinking about delete everything on my Google account site and create new one again but I'd rather not do this as there are so many tools I'm using for my business and I'm worried about if all might go wrong if I start again :(

Anyway I could find the Links page because of you so thank you so much!
I might post the same question on Uk Craft forum.

Shpangle said...


I just clicked on your icon on my blog followers and all your links seem to be there now...it seems to be working OK.

Don't forget to also add your website to your links.


Origami Jewellery said...

Thank you again for all your help! I added all my information(website, profile,,,etc) on my links now!
I really appreciate your help :) :)

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