31 March 2010

My first experience went pretty well :)

Before starting to write about the modeling yesterday, I want to say that thanks Mick for helping me sort out my blog link on my follower icon! I sorted it finally! It was something to with my Google account. If anyone else is having the same problem I might be able to help so feel free to PM me :)

Right, I went to the art class and did modeling yesterday as I mentioned before. It was so enjoyable. I definitely would like to do that again! People in the class were very friendly and fun so I could do modeling in a lovely atmosphere. I did 10 poses in total for about 5 hours, both standing poses and sitting poses. I found that standing poses are really hard as my legs get tired especially when I was leaning on one leg.

This is the art class and I was modeling in the middle. There were about 20 people drawing me.

Everyone in the class was very good at drawing and I really liked all of them so I took almost all of the pictures.

So, I'm going to show you some of the pictures.
This was drawn by my mother in law by the way.

This is my husband's one. He said he did very well in my hair bit. (I have so much hair and it's really long.)

This is my favourite one:)  Well done Chris(my husband)!!

The final pose was this, set by the teacher. It was nice and colourful.

I have to admit that after eating this much food at lunch time....

.....I was trying not to nod off...                   ....this is me a bit sleepy.

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon :)
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Minky Magic said...

I think I like your hubby's pictures best too! Maybe it's because he knows you really well, but then seem to have a much more intimate and soft feel to them.

MitziMakes said...

That looks like fun! It must be a bit crazy to have lots of drawings of yourself from different angles hehe! I love that one too, but all of them are so lovely!

Owl Loves Panda said...

Great pictures, the second one down is my favourite, you should frame them all and put them on a wall :)

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!
It was very strange(I'm a shy person...) at the beginning but as I was getting used to being looked at from so many people, I kind of started to enjoy being drawn:)
Yep, I'm going to frame the ones I have with me!

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