14 March 2010

New Origami Lotus Brooches

It's been a while since the last entry. We had only one shop where our jewellery was for sale in Nottingham town centre before but now we have two shops in the town centre as some of our costumers went to a handmade shop called Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop and mentioned our jewellery and we got a chance to sell our jewellery in the shop.
The owner of the shop asked us to make some bespoke jewellery which is only for the shop rather than the jewellery range available on our website and in the other shop so I've been trying to think and make something special. I decided to make the special origami lotus brooches in the picture below. The brooches are about 7cm wide and 5cm deep. They have 3 layers of gloss and 2 layers of varnish and are water proof(not suitable for swimming or shower though). I managed to make only 3 brooches so far as it takes a quite long time. 

I made those brooch findings specially for the lotus brooches :p

Visit our website at www.satokosorigamijewellery.com


The french Frog said...

Konnichi ha !
I love your blog and that such a brilliant idea to make brooches out of origami ! I wish i had the idea myself !! :p I'm going to add your blog to my list. And by the way, i love Japan too !

Origami Jewellery said...

Konnichi ha The french Frog!!
Thanks for your lovely comment! Can you speak Japanese?? I added your blog to mine as well ;)

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