26 March 2010

Origami Jewellery Boxes

They've wanted to be shown off for ages but I was too busy to upload the new photos to my laptop from my camera. I don't usually make origami boxes for my jewellery but these were specially made for New Origami Lotus Brooches as the owner of the shop stocking my jewellery wasn't happy with the boxes I took with the brooches. She wanted more from me, like items in the shop are all proper handmade which means that every single pieces in the shop are made by crafters, not bought in from a shop. I wasn't sure how I could make jewellery boxes with origami paper at first. I knew how to make origami boxes but I wasn't very confident about the durability of origami boxes as most proper origami papers are very thin and delicate. It's perfectly alright for making small pieces as I only need to put gloss on them to give them durability but I can't use the gloss for the big origami boxes. It will cost me a lot! No way! So I started looking for some paper to replace origami paper and that was strong enough to be a box and I found the thick pattern papers. I don't think it's origami paper but has pretty patterns like origami paper so you can still call it 'Origami' paper I suppose :P

By the way, the boxes I took first are these. I agree with the owner now. They are good enough to use to me but the point is, to spend time for making things with your hands and sell them. You could charge more for that too!

This is the inside of my handmade box. As I said I was worried about the durability but it's turned out quite strong.

Another piece of advice from the owner was where to put a company label. At first I put it on the top of the box but she said it's better to put it on the back as costumer can use the box for any ways and it's better value for money and still the company information is there. I and my husband have never thought that before so this was really helpful advice.

Oh I'd better go now! I'm teaching Japanese this afternoon!

Thanks for reading and I'll write again soon!

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Just Soaps said...

How pretty are they:):)

Origami Jewellery said...

Thank you, Just Soap! I'll try to make more with different patterns☆

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Lovely boxes....by the way....my daughter loves origami....i will show her your blog tomorrow (-;

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks Sugarplum Kawaii!
I hope your daughter enjoy my origami and blog :D

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