21 April 2010

My first sale on Etsy! Yay!

I feel like it's been a while since the last entry... I like blogging so I'm trying to write everyday but I've been too busy to do that past few days.

First of all, it's a pretty good news. I made my first sale on Etsy!!!
I've had Etsy shop for a while but it seemed to be doing nothing. When I saw the mail from Etsy telling me that I had sold something I couldn't believe it. It took me a while to realise that the mail was telling me that I had sold my jewellery.

Anyway, here's my first sale on Etsy!!

I was happy for this sale but I was also worried about whether the ash cloud had been affecting air mail. It had. According to Royal mail twitter updates, the service is still not normal yet. I've sent the costumer a message letting her know about this situation but I haven't got any reply yet. However I went to the post office this morning and made up my mind and posted it as a recorded mail after listening to staff advice. So, I hope that it will arrive at her place safely without not taking too long. Fingers crossed X!!

Thank your for reading, I'll write again soon.
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17 April 2010

We are moving! (only a couple miles away though)

A couple of days ago, I wrote about my husband, Chris, panicking about his job interview.... and the evening of his big day, he came home with a bieeeg smile! Yep, he got the job!!! According to him, there were 21 people trying to get the teaching post and he did the best lesson in there :)
I wasn't expecting the result so soon but he was told straight after everyone's lessons. We are so pleased with it.

So, from now on we`ll be thinking about moving house which is very exciting!! We are going to rent a small flat (I don't really like big houses) for just us two as we've already got a house which has been rented out in Rugby. We are living in Chris' parents house in Nottingham at the moment and his new school is also in Nottingham so we don't need to move somewhere miles away.  He was trying to get a job in Nottingham so that I could keep teaching my students.

We went to have a look at the outside of a flat we are interested this afternoon. It looked lovely. It's a 2 bedroom flat as we need some space for our business and my tuition.  We are thinking about moving around sometime before July. We are doing quite a few craft fairs at around the time we are moving so we will be very busy but I'm really excited about it x)

Thanks for reading!
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15 April 2010

My Craft Work Room and Brooches

I really like Folksy now:)  As soon as I renewed my Folksy shop I got 2 orders!! They both were not direct order on Folksy but they came to my actual website thought my Folksy site. I've also been kind of addicted to Folksy forum...  as so much thing are going there...

Also I'm really pleased to tell you about that Owl Loves Panda picked up my jewellery and featured it on her blog! Thanks again, Hayley :D
My little Butterfly earrings are looking lovely on her blog.

Anyway, today's entry is about "My Craft Work Room" as I saw a thread where people posting their blog entries about their craft work places and I though I would write about mine as well! It's not so interesting though -_-

Here's my workplace where I spend all day and night(till 11) and also where I teach.
I know I know, it's really messy. You are  probably feeling sorry for my students, having to study here X(

So, what I've been working on are these. Origami Butterfly brooches. They sold out at the last craft fairs so I made 30 of them today.  Having said that I only started making them today so they are not quite finished yet. They need more layers of gloss which will take a half day tomorrow.

The last photo is of the back of the brooches.

I'm off to teach now!

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon :)
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13 April 2010

My Improved Folksy Shop!

I've got back into Folksy again after 8 months. I found Folksy really annoying when I started selling my jewellery last autum. I'd sold 8 items so far but it says I've only sold 3! I had also problem with payment -some of my customers could pay me no problem but some couldn't and when customers put items in their cart and then decided not to buy them they couldn't remove the item from the cart etc. I contacted admin about this but they never got back to me. I got really fed up and tried to delete my account but I couldn't do that either(you can do this now). It seemed like other people were having the same problems. Oh that was awful really. Actually, this is one of the reasons why we opened our own website.

So I wasn't so comfy using Folksy until I saw quite a few of my crafty friends using Folksy and they don't seem to have the problems I had. Also they seem to have improved the site a lot so I went back to my Folksy shop today and listed 17 more items of jewellery on my shop :)

Here is my Folksy shop!

I'm off to cook dinner now. My husband and I usually cook in turn but I have to cook tonight as he's got a job interview for this Friday which is so soon and he's been panicking. Oh dear >o<

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon!
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12 April 2010

Origami Jewellery For Men!

Easter holiday has finished and my husband went back to school as he is an English teacher(well, he is doing teaching practice until May.). He was a bit depressed this morning about having to go to work after a long holiday and the maths test he had to take after school didn't help at all >o<   Even though he wasn't having a chilling out holiday as he needed to prepare his lesson plans, he enjoyed his days off I think.

Anyway, what made him less depressed was this Origami tie pin made by me.  He doesn't wear it everyday but he went to work wearing this today :)   It's origami shuriken(Ninja star) design.

When I saw him wearing the tie pin I thought it would be nice to show you my origami jewellery lines for men. These were a Christmas present for my Dad last year and I gave my Mum red origami crane earrings. I wanted to try a different design as well as Shuriken design so I made this Menko design tie pin. Of course they were so pleased with my presents and loved them so much :D

At the moment, I'm not sure about selling the origami tie pin as our general line unless I get a bespoke order but it's a possibility that I might make some and take them to the next craft fair ;)

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon.
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10 April 2010

A little bit about me...

It's been a very busy day but also great day today. 
Saturday tends to be the busiest teaching day as most of my students are working from Mon to Fri. I had 3 students today and after the fist lesson one of my students bought an origami necklace and earrings! Actually she bought some of my jewellery for her daughter before Christmas last year. She said that her daughter loves them and she is wearing them all the time! I also showed her our new lines of PMC origami jewellery and she fell in love with them and she said she's going to buy them this Christmas! I'm very pleased to hear that :)

I was teaching at the cafe in the town centre and one guy who was sitting near us came up to me and asked me to correct his project he was doing on his laptop in Japanese(He was listening to us talking in Japanese.). He's going to Japan in Aug for a year and he wants me to teach him Japanese before he goes :)

My first year in England 2005, I was working in an old people and disabled people's home. I was one member of the therapist team. My job was to help physiotherapy and play scrabble, indoor bowling, do craft activities (including teaching them Origami) with residents and so on. It was one of the loveliest year in my life. I like working with elderly people and disabled people. I always get on with them well. Since I left the job, as my one year contract was completed, I had been trying to get a good job but it wasn't easy at all and I ended up working in a cafe and Korean, Thai and Indian restaurants. It was alright and I appreciated the fact that I had managed to get a job in England but I wasn't very happy because I was always feeling like I want to do something more interesting... So I decided to take a course where I can get a certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language and now I'm a Japanese tutor with many lovely students!

After all this nattering away.... what exactly I wanted to say is that I'm just so happy that finally I can earn money by doing things I enjoy :D  

Thanks a lot for reading, I'll write again soon!
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09 April 2010

Craft fairs in West Bridgford

We went to the handmade shop called Design Circus in West Bridgford this morning to hand in our booking form for a craft fair in June. Actually we tried  to do some fairs at the shop at the end of the last year but  we couldn't do it as most of our stock ran short after a couple of good fairs.  We are going to be there on Saturday th 12th of June. It's a really lovely shop and has very crafty atomosphere :) The lady of the shop was saying that she is going to open another room for more crafters in a few weeks and hopefully we can stock our jewellery there!

Another place where we are keen to sell our jewellery at is in the central avenue in West Bridgford. This is a very very popular fair that we've been struggling to get in as there are already too many jewellers. Even though our friend who is a photographer and a regular person for the fair has been trying push us, we still have to wait.  We are going to go to have a word with the organiser in person at some point soon though.  

The last craft fairs we went to at Bakewell and Northampton were both quite far from us and we got shocked by how expensive petrol was. The price of petrol's been getting much more expensive than last year. We kind of had to plus £20 on top of the stall fee x(     So, then we realised that we really need to get in some good fairs near us. The central avenue one and Design Circus are a walkable distance. Literally it's only 5 minutes on foot!

In June, my husband will finish his teaching course and we are going back to Japan for about a month(I haven't seen my family and friends for almost 2 years...) and after that we should have more free time. As we just started our business in August we couldn't do many fairs last year so we are trying to do as much fairs as we can this year :D

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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08 April 2010

I'm so happy :)

It was a lovely day today! Finally Spring has come to England!!  I wonder how many people went out to feel the sun today?

It's so nice to wake up to a shiny morning. I feel so good about not having to wear a big coat.
I had never been so concerned about the sun or weather in Japan but since I moved to England I've become more appreciative of them.

For my non-English friends and my family in Japan, this is a Spring flower, daffodils. Everyone likes them. They are pretty bright yellow. There are daffodils in Japan and it's not an especially rare flower either but it's more attractive to people in England than in Japan. When I see them I get very excited as it means Spring is coming soon!

For my non-Japanese friends, this is a cherry blossom which Japanese people, including me, love. The difference between the English ones and the Japanese ones are the colour and the number of them I think. English ones are more white than Japanese ones.   

My husband and I have a lovely memory of them. When I met my husband, in April 2005, it was cherry blossom viewing season in Japan. As I had been invited to the cherry blossom party in a park by my English teacher I went to the park and then my husband was there too. (Actually he organised the party.) So that was our first meeting :)

I hope these lovely spring days won't disappear so soon.

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon!
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07 April 2010

Silly Me!!

Have you ever made a silly mistake with your business(hobby)?
My first mistake was found a couple days ago...   Good job I was the one noticed the mistake rather than a costumer. I got an order for one pair of crane earrings, a picture below, a week or so ago and posted them to the costumer the next day. 

There was no problem until I started sorting out jewellery stocks for craft fairs before the Easter weekend. When I was going through the stocks I found one pair of the crane earrings which were the same design of the earrings I just posted a few days ago  but something was wrong. They had different size hooks on each piece. So, then I realised that I must have accidentally sent the costumer two pieces from different pairs!! This mistake was because we recently changed our findings supplier. I e-mailed the customer and let them know about that and I told them that I would be happy to send the replacement immediately via 1st class post if they require. They got back to me today and they want the replacement. Luckily they were really nice to me. So I'm going to post it tomorrow morning!!

I can't believe that I didn't notice the difference... I'm usually very very careful about things like this though.  So it was my first mistake. I learned my lesson.

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon.
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06 April 2010

My crafty friend!

I hope everyone had a lovely easter holiday!
Things are back to normal now. I started sorting out my jewellery stock and will start making more for the next craft fair.

I'm going to show you my friend's handmade jewellery before I go to the town centre to teach a Japanese lesson this afternoon.
She makes beaded jewellery using the Japanese beading style and sells on her website and her folksy site. She's been beading for 8 years. My craft friend who is working at the bead shop where I buy Swarovski crystals and some findings introduced me about her as she is a beading tutor at the shop. 
Her name is Machiko and she runs Bluestar Jewellery.

Her works are all original in that she designs them and they are so delicate and beautiful.
(We went to the same craft fair in Bakewell.)

These are my favourtite, Strawberry Earrings.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures again...  I hope i didn't let her down >_<
Please visit her sites and have a look at the pretty jewellery. She takes very professional looking pictures!

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon!
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05 April 2010

A Busy Four Days

It was a busy weekend!
Both the Peak fair and Sywell fair were good. It wasn't as great as Christmas time but we are happy with the sales we made. As we were travelling quite far we had to get up really early past couple of days which both I and my husband are not good at so we are knackered now. We are looking forward to a lie in tomorrow morning :)

Oh we had a very silly accident on the way to Sywell fair! We were driving to the fair using a satnav and when our satnav told us 'you have reached your destination!' we were in front of someone's house... we were like 'It looks different to the fair we went last year...what's going on????' .....yes, we put  the post code of the organiser's house in the satnav instead of the place of the fair by mistake! We were lucky, the fair was not far away from their place so we got to the fair in time.  pheww. We've been to this fair before so it wasn't the first time for us to go there. You can tell that we were both half asleep v_v

Anyway this is our stall in Sywell fair.

We managed not to forget our banner this time! (We forgot to take it at the Peak fair.)

I'll show you some of our PMC origami jewellery as I could take slightly better pictures.
These are the Shuriken(Ninja) design earrings.

These are Crane design earrings with Swarovski crystals. The cranes are the most famous design.

These are Butterfly design earrings with Swarovski crystals.

These are for the decoration. People were so interested in our PMC origami jewellery. I should make more I think.

At the fair, a couple of customers asked us if we take cards but we couldn't as we don't have a card terminal. If we had had a terminal we could have sold more PMC jewellery :(
So what we should do by the next craft fair is to get a terminal!

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon!
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