05 April 2010

A Busy Four Days

It was a busy weekend!
Both the Peak fair and Sywell fair were good. It wasn't as great as Christmas time but we are happy with the sales we made. As we were travelling quite far we had to get up really early past couple of days which both I and my husband are not good at so we are knackered now. We are looking forward to a lie in tomorrow morning :)

Oh we had a very silly accident on the way to Sywell fair! We were driving to the fair using a satnav and when our satnav told us 'you have reached your destination!' we were in front of someone's house... we were like 'It looks different to the fair we went last year...what's going on????' .....yes, we put  the post code of the organiser's house in the satnav instead of the place of the fair by mistake! We were lucky, the fair was not far away from their place so we got to the fair in time.  pheww. We've been to this fair before so it wasn't the first time for us to go there. You can tell that we were both half asleep v_v

Anyway this is our stall in Sywell fair.

We managed not to forget our banner this time! (We forgot to take it at the Peak fair.)

I'll show you some of our PMC origami jewellery as I could take slightly better pictures.
These are the Shuriken(Ninja) design earrings.

These are Crane design earrings with Swarovski crystals. The cranes are the most famous design.

These are Butterfly design earrings with Swarovski crystals.

These are for the decoration. People were so interested in our PMC origami jewellery. I should make more I think.

At the fair, a couple of customers asked us if we take cards but we couldn't as we don't have a card terminal. If we had had a terminal we could have sold more PMC jewellery :(
So what we should do by the next craft fair is to get a terminal!

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon!
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Jewelry Making Tools said...

Amazing jewelry, I just stumbled on your blog, and I've never seen anyone use origami the way you do. Beautiful!

Just Soaps said...

Great to see you at Sywell, your work is beautiful and so original.

Origami Jewellery said...

Hi Jewelry Making Tools, thanks for your kind comment! Origami is very interesting stuff to work with.

Just Soaps, it was sooo lovely to see you there! Your stall looked great! I fell in love with your soap as well :)

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog.

ah, I remember seeing your stall now, really amazing unique jewellery! Hope to see you again at another event soon.

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