09 April 2010

Craft fairs in West Bridgford

We went to the handmade shop called Design Circus in West Bridgford this morning to hand in our booking form for a craft fair in June. Actually we tried  to do some fairs at the shop at the end of the last year but  we couldn't do it as most of our stock ran short after a couple of good fairs.  We are going to be there on Saturday th 12th of June. It's a really lovely shop and has very crafty atomosphere :) The lady of the shop was saying that she is going to open another room for more crafters in a few weeks and hopefully we can stock our jewellery there!

Another place where we are keen to sell our jewellery at is in the central avenue in West Bridgford. This is a very very popular fair that we've been struggling to get in as there are already too many jewellers. Even though our friend who is a photographer and a regular person for the fair has been trying push us, we still have to wait.  We are going to go to have a word with the organiser in person at some point soon though.  

The last craft fairs we went to at Bakewell and Northampton were both quite far from us and we got shocked by how expensive petrol was. The price of petrol's been getting much more expensive than last year. We kind of had to plus £20 on top of the stall fee x(     So, then we realised that we really need to get in some good fairs near us. The central avenue one and Design Circus are a walkable distance. Literally it's only 5 minutes on foot!

In June, my husband will finish his teaching course and we are going back to Japan for about a month(I haven't seen my family and friends for almost 2 years...) and after that we should have more free time. As we just started our business in August we couldn't do many fairs last year so we are trying to do as much fairs as we can this year :D

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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