02 April 2010

The first of 4 craft fairs (at The Peak Fair Improved Stall)

Happy Easter all!

We got home from the Bakewell craft fair a few hours ago. It's was very quiet like a ghost town and the gray weather didn't help! We were a bit worried but luckily things picked up towards the end. Literally, we made 80% of our profit in 20 minutes!

I'm going to show you what our improved stall is like. (Sorry for the poor quality photos.)
The colour of the sheet turned out a bit funny, It's actually more of a khaki colour.

These are our new lines, pure silver Origami jewellery made by the Polymer Metal Clay sheet(PMC).
(You can't really see them properly at all, can you? I do apologise. I'll put better photos next time if I can take good ones.) I made a couple of origami cranes and lotus flowers using silver paper to decorate.

I also make origami jewellery with foiled glass pendants. They are not as popular as the Swarovski crystal ones though.

To decorate our stall, I made two of these massive origami lotus flowers using pink soft paper.

There was some empty space next to us so I had a plenty space to demonstrate :)

Oh by the way, what slowed us down on the way to the fair today was a horse :D
Tomorrow might be lost sheep :D

We are off to see 'kick-ass' which is supposed to be really funny. Has anyone seen it yet?

Have a lovely easter♪♪

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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Shpangle said...

Lovely stall and very professional looking. I also think the Khaki sheet suits it very well.

Hope you have an even better day today!


French Frog said...

Oh ! I wish there were some fairs like this around Paris… And I wish I could have seen one of your demonstration as well !!

RiS said...


Origami Jewellery said...

Mick, the Khaki sheet was a good choice for our stall. Our stall looks much better now!

French Frog, Aren't there many craft fairs in Paris? There must be something cool craft events there though as Paris is one of the coolest city :D

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