08 April 2010

I'm so happy :)

It was a lovely day today! Finally Spring has come to England!!  I wonder how many people went out to feel the sun today?

It's so nice to wake up to a shiny morning. I feel so good about not having to wear a big coat.
I had never been so concerned about the sun or weather in Japan but since I moved to England I've become more appreciative of them.

For my non-English friends and my family in Japan, this is a Spring flower, daffodils. Everyone likes them. They are pretty bright yellow. There are daffodils in Japan and it's not an especially rare flower either but it's more attractive to people in England than in Japan. When I see them I get very excited as it means Spring is coming soon!

For my non-Japanese friends, this is a cherry blossom which Japanese people, including me, love. The difference between the English ones and the Japanese ones are the colour and the number of them I think. English ones are more white than Japanese ones.   

My husband and I have a lovely memory of them. When I met my husband, in April 2005, it was cherry blossom viewing season in Japan. As I had been invited to the cherry blossom party in a park by my English teacher I went to the park and then my husband was there too. (Actually he organised the party.) So that was our first meeting :)

I hope these lovely spring days won't disappear so soon.

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon!
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Minky Magic said...

Wow, I was in Japan that year too at the time of the cherry blossoms!!! It was amazing but made me sneeze alot! I was on a study trip visiting many ceramic museums and kilns. I loved Japan and hope I will be able to go back again one day. Daffodils are my favourite flower because they are associated with spring time. Amazing what a bit of sunshine does for the soul!

Emimage said...

Very beautiful pictures ! Cherry tree blossom always remind me Japan. The first time I went there was in April and all the parks were full of white cherry blossoms… Wonderful memories ! ^_^

Gemma said...

Wow! I'd love to go to Japan for cherry blossom season. When I was little I always said I wanted to get married under the cherry blossoms!! Instant confetti! I didn't though...

I've only been to Japan in August. It was lovely but very very humid. Not the idea weather to be doing martial arts- which was why I was there!

Keep meaning to plant more daffys in my front garden. They're so cheerful.

Origami Jewellery said...

Minky Magic, so you were in Japan that time too! It's beautiful but does make people sneeze though!! haha

Emimage, so you've been to Japan! Cherry tree reminds me Japan too. Really love the season :)

Gemma, how sweet!! I wanted to get married in the cherry blossom season but it was a freezing cold Jan in UK >0<
The best time to visit Japan is Spring, definitely not Summer as it's unbelievably humid!

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