10 April 2010

A little bit about me...

It's been a very busy day but also great day today. 
Saturday tends to be the busiest teaching day as most of my students are working from Mon to Fri. I had 3 students today and after the fist lesson one of my students bought an origami necklace and earrings! Actually she bought some of my jewellery for her daughter before Christmas last year. She said that her daughter loves them and she is wearing them all the time! I also showed her our new lines of PMC origami jewellery and she fell in love with them and she said she's going to buy them this Christmas! I'm very pleased to hear that :)

I was teaching at the cafe in the town centre and one guy who was sitting near us came up to me and asked me to correct his project he was doing on his laptop in Japanese(He was listening to us talking in Japanese.). He's going to Japan in Aug for a year and he wants me to teach him Japanese before he goes :)

My first year in England 2005, I was working in an old people and disabled people's home. I was one member of the therapist team. My job was to help physiotherapy and play scrabble, indoor bowling, do craft activities (including teaching them Origami) with residents and so on. It was one of the loveliest year in my life. I like working with elderly people and disabled people. I always get on with them well. Since I left the job, as my one year contract was completed, I had been trying to get a good job but it wasn't easy at all and I ended up working in a cafe and Korean, Thai and Indian restaurants. It was alright and I appreciated the fact that I had managed to get a job in England but I wasn't very happy because I was always feeling like I want to do something more interesting... So I decided to take a course where I can get a certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language and now I'm a Japanese tutor with many lovely students!

After all this nattering away.... what exactly I wanted to say is that I'm just so happy that finally I can earn money by doing things I enjoy :D  

Thanks a lot for reading, I'll write again soon!
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Tee Creations said...

Sound exciting! Finding a job you really like is hard! I am still searching.

Minky Magic said...

That's great! Lots of people are still searching. Good for you for making it work x

RiS said...


Shpangle said...

That is a lovely story and it seems to me that you thrive off helping others. Also it is nice to hear that you are combining your jewellery selling with your teaching :)


Small Footprints said...

It seems that most people struggle away at jobs they don't enjoy. How wonderful that you have found employment doing something you love.

Thank you for sharing your story with us! :)

Small Footprints

ideer said...

I drew my memory about you from Black/white photography class.

All your works are the work of art and the work of heart.

I become your fan and I miss you, friend.

Form an old friend,

MitziMakes said...

It's nice to hear a bit more about you :) sounds like you've had and do have some interesting jobs! :)

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks all for the lovely comments :D
A teaching job and jewellery business are not so stable jobs(hope it will be a proper full time job in the future!) but at lease I found something I can enjoy and that's a great achievement for me :)

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