15 April 2010

My Craft Work Room and Brooches

I really like Folksy now:)  As soon as I renewed my Folksy shop I got 2 orders!! They both were not direct order on Folksy but they came to my actual website thought my Folksy site. I've also been kind of addicted to Folksy forum...  as so much thing are going there...

Also I'm really pleased to tell you about that Owl Loves Panda picked up my jewellery and featured it on her blog! Thanks again, Hayley :D
My little Butterfly earrings are looking lovely on her blog.

Anyway, today's entry is about "My Craft Work Room" as I saw a thread where people posting their blog entries about their craft work places and I though I would write about mine as well! It's not so interesting though -_-

Here's my workplace where I spend all day and night(till 11) and also where I teach.
I know I know, it's really messy. You are  probably feeling sorry for my students, having to study here X(

So, what I've been working on are these. Origami Butterfly brooches. They sold out at the last craft fairs so I made 30 of them today.  Having said that I only started making them today so they are not quite finished yet. They need more layers of gloss which will take a half day tomorrow.

The last photo is of the back of the brooches.

I'm off to teach now!

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon :)
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The french Frog said...

Your brooches are lovely ! And your work room is as least as messy as mine. ;-)

Owl Loves Panda said...

Love the brooches, such lovely colours! and I think a work room should be messy :)

Sarah said...

I love those brooches, so pretty! I also have a messy craft space, how can you be creative in tidiness?

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks all for the nice comments!
It was good to know that your room also as messy as mine ;)
As I'm living Chris' parents house and using their room so I need to keep my room tidied bu we are moving to our own flat soon! So I can make as messy as I like :D

fig said...

Oh my goodness - they are gorgeous brooches!

Business Solutions said...

The brooches make your office space more cosy. Nice space you have there indeed.

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