07 April 2010

Silly Me!!

Have you ever made a silly mistake with your business(hobby)?
My first mistake was found a couple days ago...   Good job I was the one noticed the mistake rather than a costumer. I got an order for one pair of crane earrings, a picture below, a week or so ago and posted them to the costumer the next day. 

There was no problem until I started sorting out jewellery stocks for craft fairs before the Easter weekend. When I was going through the stocks I found one pair of the crane earrings which were the same design of the earrings I just posted a few days ago  but something was wrong. They had different size hooks on each piece. So, then I realised that I must have accidentally sent the costumer two pieces from different pairs!! This mistake was because we recently changed our findings supplier. I e-mailed the customer and let them know about that and I told them that I would be happy to send the replacement immediately via 1st class post if they require. They got back to me today and they want the replacement. Luckily they were really nice to me. So I'm going to post it tomorrow morning!!

I can't believe that I didn't notice the difference... I'm usually very very careful about things like this though.  So it was my first mistake. I learned my lesson.

Thanks for reading, I'll write again soon.
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Shpangle said...

A mistake like that is so easy to make and (touch wood) I haven't made a mistake like that). I can see though how sometimes it doesn't matter how many times we re-check an order how something so simple can be staring us in the face. I am sure any customer would understand though...we are human after all :)


MitziMakes said...

Aw im glad the customer was happy with the swap. That's lucky you realised! :)

Tee Creations said...

Good I am glad you caught the mistake I am glad the customer was understanding.

Tee Creations said...

Oh I forgot to tell you I love your creations! Pretty!!

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks everyone! That was really bad >0<! I got really shocked when I found the mistake! I think I will ask my husband to check orders as well before I post it. However, when I showed him the mistake it took his 5 minutes to figure out what was wrong...lol

Thank you, Tee Creations for the comment:)

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