31 May 2010

Hanko for Satoko's Origami Jewellery!! So cool!!!

Hi, Chris and I have been busy working on our business recently. I've made many limited edition summer jewellery pieces and, as he is not as busy as he used to be when he was on teaching practice, he has had more time to spend on the business. He is making a new logo incorporating a digital Hanko (which is a Japanese traditional signature stamp) that he ordered off the internet. It's very exciting and much cooler than I expected!!

Here are some of the digital hanko stamps he ordered. It says 'Satoko's Origami' in Japanese.
We have a various sizes. These top two are the middle size.

These are the smaller size:

And these massive size. We don't know where we are going to use them! lol!

Japanese people use Hanko more to write their signature than writing with a pen. There are round shape and square shape hankos. We thought the square one is more Japanese-like so we chose it.

We are thinking about renewing our company logo. Chris's been designing it and it's looking great already. He put the small size Hanko on the new design to finish off. As we still have many business cards left and we are also thinking about having a new proper website that is designed specially for our company we wont change the business card very soon but I'll show you when it's done :D 

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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23 May 2010

One of those craft fairs (plus photos of new summer additions)

Hello! It's been such a lovely weekend!! I'd forgotten how much I love the sun and hot weather!!
We went to a craft fair at White Post farm in Nottingham this weekend and it was rubbish! It wasn't very well advertised or sign posted so nobody came all day. It was one of those things. Almost everybody left early and my husband and I went to Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham instead as it was a gorgeous day!

I made some limited edition summer Origami jewellery that you can only buy at a craft fair and I'm so glad that they were very popular(we managed to sell some at least!). 

So, here are some of the limited summer editions!
These are the Origami butterfly necklaces.

These are the Origami crane necklaces.

These are the Origami chokers.

And I also made matching earrings.

By the way, this is our stall at the fair this weekend. It was outside and the colours of origami jewellery looked beautiful in the natural sunlight.

It's not a very good quality photo but I hope you can see it well enough.

At the end of the day, the girl sat next to us gave us some free cup cakes because she hadn't managed to sell very many. Every cloud has a silver lining! They were delicious :D

And when we got back we found out we had sold some to friends of Chris' mum!! So it wasn't too bad this weekend :)

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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20 May 2010

Craft fairs, Sushi and Cafes (All in one entry!)

Good evening all!
As I mentioned we have been to several craft fairs over the past few weeks and I'm going to write about one of the fairs tonight as I haven't uploaded photos that I took at the other fair.

We've been trying to go to craft fairs somewhere near us rather than the places where we have to drive for hours. However there weren't so many "good" fairs around us or all good ones were fully booked for months and there were no spaces for us. Luckily we finally managed to go to a craft fair in Nottingham. We went to Design Circus craft fair in West Bridgford, Nottingham 2 weeks ago.
Here is a photo of our stall at Design Circus. It was ok. We managed to cover our stall fee but it wasn't very busy and the wet weather didn't help.  

Changing the topic, Chris made sushi for the teachers at the school that he worked at for teaching practise.  Despite the fact that I'm Japanese, he is better at making sushi than me. I think it's because he is more greedy than me :D

Changing the topic again, I found one nice cafe in Nottingham town centre which is called The Walk Cafe. It is a continental style cafe with nice food and a good selection of cakes and tea. I recommend the Chai tea. It's the best Chai I've ever had. I like chilling out in a nice cafe and I usually like indie cafes better than chain cafes. I find them more comfy and the service is better.

By the way, we will be at White Post Farm craft fair this weekend. So if you fancy a day out come and visit us!

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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18 May 2010

My New Toy :D

Hi everyone! As I have been so busy the past couple days I couldn't do any entries. We went to a few craft fairs over the past couple weeks but I'm going to write about them next time. So today I want to show you my new toy, my Sony VAIO netbook!
My(my husband's) 8 year old Mac broke down last week. It had been in bad condition for a long time so we were thinking about buying new one anyway but we didn't expect it to break so soon.
I bought the netbook because it's so compact that I can take it to almost anywhere. I made a contract for £25 a month for 2 years which gives me a mobile broadband so I can use the internet outside my house. So actually it's not too expensive after all.

Here you can see how small the netbook is!

It already has Window 7 Starter. After so many years using Mac I've been struggling a bit to get used to Windows though.

Some of you might already know but we were seriously thinking about getting a terminal for credit card payment at craft fairs but actually it's not very reasonable so we were kind of giving up on the idea but now we can accept card payments as customers who wish to pay by card can pay through our website with the netbook! How clever I am :D(not really)

I'll also start taking the netbook to the cafes where I teach Japanese and it's going to be really handy!

So, I'd recommend a netbook to people who are thinking about getting a small laptop!

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon.
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05 May 2010

Origami Bird Earrings (Simple Origami)

I have been asked by the owner of the shop where our jewellery is for sale to make the Origami Bird design earrings for ages. I haven't been able to do it though as I didn't have the beads I need for them but I've got  them now so I made the earrings finally!

Here they are! These are 'Simple Origami' Bird earrings which has no Swarovski crystals. It's simply origami paper and some beads.
I only make these 3 spring colour ones at the moment. I might start making more versions over the summer. It depends on how well they sell.

Today, I received this pretty necklace with a lovely message card from my student who just got back from holiday in Egypt. She bought this for me! :D It wasn't the last lesson for her but she is going to do an internship job over this summer and she doesn't know where she can do that yet. It will be most likely to be in London, she said. So, we won't be able to have lessons until she's back in the end of September which is sad. I really like meeting my students. Even though teaching is a hard work I enjoy it very much :)

Tomorrow is already Thursday! Time goes by so quickly these days!

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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03 May 2010

Something you never see in Japan

I've been living in England for almost 5 years and found this country very interesting as well as frustrating which is normal for forigner when they have lived in a different country and experienced a different culture. Anyway, I found something very funny the other day so I though I'd share it with you :)

Here it is! It's a Clock but you have no idea what time it is by just looking at this 'clock'. The clock is in Nottingham station. What's more, nobody except me even noticed it! I guess it's because this kind of things happens all the time in England.
If anyone is there, check it out! I bet it still won't tell the time!
I'm sorry but you might not find this funny at all but for me(Japanese people), this is hilarious X)
It's something like that you never see in Japan. Some people might get annoyed with this neglected clock, especially when they are in hurry but for me, it was rather entertaining. Even though I  was in a bit of a bad mood then, it put a smile on my face.

I really like the fact this sort of funny thing can happen in England.

I made lots of jewellery today and will gloss them tomorrow. I have to get everything ready by Friday for a craft fair this weekend :)

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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02 May 2010

It's about time I blogged!

Hello. I hope you are still there to read my blog.

I've been away the blog for a long time because spending hours writing it has not really been compatible with, working on our business, making jewellery and teaching Japanese!

I didn't know the business would become this busy. There are always something to do. Just because I'm busy doing stuff, it doesn't mean that I'm selling a lot though. However, I believe that all this hard work will pay off in the not too distant future.

I'm 100% self employed which is good for me and it suits me well but it sometimes can be difficult as I'm the one that has to control my schedule and work. I'm normally well organised when it comes to making jewellery or getting ready for craft fairs but I'm terrible at feeding myself properly. I really am. Maybe because I wasn't eating well enough I looked skinny or something so I was told that I should eat more the other day. I don't get hungry when I'm concentrating. That's the problem!

Is anyone like me? Forget to eat lunch?

Speaking of making jewellery, I haven't made any new lines of Origami jewellery recently but I'm still busy making general lines for coming craft fairs.

Today was one of my students' last lessons as she is going to Japan for business next week and she gave me these beautiful flowers to say thank you. As I wasn't expecting them at all I was moved as well as surprised. Actually, this last lesson was the first official 'last lesson' for me.  I didn't know it could make me feel so sad. She was always cheerful and fun at lessons like my other students. I'm looking forward to visiting her in Tokyo in July :D

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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