31 May 2010

Hanko for Satoko's Origami Jewellery!! So cool!!!

Hi, Chris and I have been busy working on our business recently. I've made many limited edition summer jewellery pieces and, as he is not as busy as he used to be when he was on teaching practice, he has had more time to spend on the business. He is making a new logo incorporating a digital Hanko (which is a Japanese traditional signature stamp) that he ordered off the internet. It's very exciting and much cooler than I expected!!

Here are some of the digital hanko stamps he ordered. It says 'Satoko's Origami' in Japanese.
We have a various sizes. These top two are the middle size.

These are the smaller size:

And these massive size. We don't know where we are going to use them! lol!

Japanese people use Hanko more to write their signature than writing with a pen. There are round shape and square shape hankos. We thought the square one is more Japanese-like so we chose it.

We are thinking about renewing our company logo. Chris's been designing it and it's looking great already. He put the small size Hanko on the new design to finish off. As we still have many business cards left and we are also thinking about having a new proper website that is designed specially for our company we wont change the business card very soon but I'll show you when it's done :D 

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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Shpangle said...


Long time no speak! Lovely idea and very professional looking, and it will certainly be a good talking point.

I have been meaning to mention something to you. I was contacted a while back by somebody who was making origami cranes to hang at her sisters wedding..she was making 200 of them and wanted to know if they should be coated with resin...anyway, I thought of you at the time, and thought it was a good idea...the wedding business could be quite profitable ;)


RiS said...


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Very cool! Lovely colour (-:

Kim said...

Lovely - very eye-catching. Sounds like you have been very busy.

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