18 May 2010

My New Toy :D

Hi everyone! As I have been so busy the past couple days I couldn't do any entries. We went to a few craft fairs over the past couple weeks but I'm going to write about them next time. So today I want to show you my new toy, my Sony VAIO netbook!
My(my husband's) 8 year old Mac broke down last week. It had been in bad condition for a long time so we were thinking about buying new one anyway but we didn't expect it to break so soon.
I bought the netbook because it's so compact that I can take it to almost anywhere. I made a contract for £25 a month for 2 years which gives me a mobile broadband so I can use the internet outside my house. So actually it's not too expensive after all.

Here you can see how small the netbook is!

It already has Window 7 Starter. After so many years using Mac I've been struggling a bit to get used to Windows though.

Some of you might already know but we were seriously thinking about getting a terminal for credit card payment at craft fairs but actually it's not very reasonable so we were kind of giving up on the idea but now we can accept card payments as customers who wish to pay by card can pay through our website with the netbook! How clever I am :D(not really)

I'll also start taking the netbook to the cafes where I teach Japanese and it's going to be really handy!

So, I'd recommend a netbook to people who are thinking about getting a small laptop!

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon.
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Owl Loves Panda said...

it's so pretty, I want one :)

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks! Yeah it's a cute thing! I'm taking it to anywhere I go with me now :)But I should be really careful not to lose it or let it gets nicked!

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