03 May 2010

Something you never see in Japan

I've been living in England for almost 5 years and found this country very interesting as well as frustrating which is normal for forigner when they have lived in a different country and experienced a different culture. Anyway, I found something very funny the other day so I though I'd share it with you :)

Here it is! It's a Clock but you have no idea what time it is by just looking at this 'clock'. The clock is in Nottingham station. What's more, nobody except me even noticed it! I guess it's because this kind of things happens all the time in England.
If anyone is there, check it out! I bet it still won't tell the time!
I'm sorry but you might not find this funny at all but for me(Japanese people), this is hilarious X)
It's something like that you never see in Japan. Some people might get annoyed with this neglected clock, especially when they are in hurry but for me, it was rather entertaining. Even though I  was in a bit of a bad mood then, it put a smile on my face.

I really like the fact this sort of funny thing can happen in England.

I made lots of jewellery today and will gloss them tomorrow. I have to get everything ready by Friday for a craft fair this weekend :)

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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Shpangle said...

haha! Only in England will you find a clock that doesn't tell the time!


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Sigh.....that's British efficiency for you! Made me smile though (-:

Origami Jewellery said...

Thanks for your comments!
Yep, you never seen these funny things in Japan :D So these things always make me smile. It is one of the reasons I like England!

samantha said...

That is funny ! and yes, I think only in england, and I bet someone has to clean it too. Mad, totally mad! X

made at greenlodge said...

love it, quirky or just typical lazy english not able to take down, just leave to rot on wall until it becomes unnoticed, quirky or dowdy, still love it though

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