27 June 2010

Castle Ashby Craft Fair

  Hi. We just got back from Castle Ashby. It was really dissappointing day today. We think everybody must have been busy watching football. We were really pleased with our new layout though and how the new logo looked. It's a shame it was too hot for Chris to wear his new 'Satoko's Origami' long sleeve t-shirt for too long. This is a photo of us before the start of the first day.

As part of the new logo Chris made a see through plaque with our logo. It looks quite sophisticated but it's really just a photo frame from MUJI with a sheet of OHP paper inside instead of a photo! Here is a photo of it...

As usual as Pennine Fairs there were lots of really nice crafts. There was even a candle maker that made candles that looked like cakes. To be honest this  is quite a common thing to do but they don't usually look as realistic as these. The first time I saw them I though they were real cakes! I didn't stop to look properly becuase I wasn't hungry. It was only when I went back that I realised that they weren't real! Chris said he would have preferred them to be real cakes. I like them as candles though.
Cracking Creations

They also had candles that looked like beer...

But we didn't need that becuase you could buy alcohol at the craft fair. As it was a sunny day I had a Pimms and Lemonade. It was delicious. So even though the sales were dissappointing, we still had a nice time chilling out in the hot weather.
This was our last craft fair before we go to Japan. We are going to some more in Bakewell as soon as we get back so we'll tell you about them and our trip to Japan :)

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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trusk4u said...

Sorry to hear that it didn't go well, but that is the nature of the beast. It's great that you still managed to have a good time though. The plaque is gorgeous! Looks very high end! Safe journey!

Ali said...

Great photo - your stall looks good and the new banner/logo and especially the plaque are fab!

Sorry your day suffered because of the footie (ours did too!) but at least you have a great trip to look forward to.

Have a wonderful time in Japan - looking forward to reading all about it when you get back.

Ali x (AKA Craft Forum AliCat)

Tracy Su said...

Hi Satoko and Chris,

I'm very impressed that you had the time and energy to blog after driving all that way to the fair! I think I need an Excel spreadsheet alert telling me to work harder on mine. Hehe. The new website is very very spiffy =)

Hope the November one is better, see you then and have a great time in Japan!

samantha (ZulikaStarDesign) said...

Your stall looks great, love your new logo, FAB! the next fair will be better!

CreatedandFelted said...

wow i'm impressed you have blogged about the show already!! Where do you get the energy I got home and just flopped!
Every time I see you at a fair your stand is looking new and improved, this time was certainly the best yet :O)
have a great trip home,
love and light

MitziMakes said...

Your stall looks amazing!! Hope I get to see it some time! Glad you had a nice time even if sales were low - looks like it was a nice day :)

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