21 June 2010

Things have been going well!

Hi! I'm back! We've been busy sorting out moving, packing up for a holiday to Japan, and of course working on our business. The craft fairs we've been to haven't been so great but other things that we are doing seem to be going very well. We've been asked to be featured in a couple craft magazines and at the moment Chris is waiting for a phone interview!

We went to a very good quality craft event the other day. It's called Patchings Arts, Crafts and Design Festival in Derbyshire. When we found out about the fair we had already missed the application deadline but our friend Jane, who is running a handmade soap company called Just Soaps with her husband and was at the fair, recommended going to have a look at the fair for next year as she thought the fair would be suitable for our jewellery. The fair itself was very good but there were already too many jewellers. The stalls there were very high quality and professional looking. We ought to try and get involved next year.  At the fair we met a Japanese lady called YUKO SEKIGUCHI who is a watercolour artist. Her painings are amazing. I personally am not into paintings but I love her stuff. She paints Japanese images. We exchanged our contact details and a few days later she rang me and said I can have some space for exhibiting our jewellery at her individual exhibition in Matlock. She's been exhibiting in the area for 11 years. As we have a craft fair(at The Castle Ashbey) this weekend we couldn't take many items but we took about 16 items to the event last Saturday and we are very pleased about the fact that quite a few of them have been sold already :D

Here are some photos from the event.
These are some of Yuko's paintings.

She does demonstrations of Japanese Shodo.

Here is the space where our Origami Jewellery exhibited.
This event is held from the 18th of June to the 1st of July in Matlock, Derbyshire. 

Oh, before changing the subject I have to show you this pretty bag! When we went to the Patchings Festival we met another crafty friend called Claire there. She makes handmade felted bags. Everytime when I saw her bags I wanted to buy one and this time I managed to persuade Chris to get one for me by taking advantage of my soon to be coming birthday :D
Check out her lovely bags at Created and Felted!

Right, I'm so excited to show this off; our new company logo!! Chris's been designing this for weeks using photoshop that my student gave us and he completed it last week!! I love this logo. We'd already orderd new design business cards, new banner and, shamefully, even matching T-shirts for both of us X)   Photoshop is a great programme by the way.

We've also been experimenting some lacquer for our Origami jewellery and we found a great stuff and we managed to improve our jewellery. Anyway it's getting too long now so I'll write about it some other time!
Mick, I hope you read this entry. Thanks for the information about resins. We ended up using a different thing, not a resin but you gave us the ideas!

Thank you for reading, I'll write again soon!
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CreatedandFelted said...

Hi!! thanks for blogging about my bags ( great pic by the way) :O)
And congrats on your work being included in the exhibition.
see you soon at Castle Ashby X

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