24 August 2010

The trip home to Japan...

It's been a busy couple of weeks since our last entry. Satoko is busy with so many new students so I thought I'd write a quick entry.

The month of August was spent in Japan catching up with friends and family. We spread our time between Tokyo and the mountains and beaches of Joetsu-shi.

It reached 37 degrees on somedays so it was a relief to be able to venture into the cooler altitudes of the mountains close to Matsumoto and to step into the cool shade of Matsumoto castle.

And of course an ice cream is always a welcome relief (although this particular ice cream was 'wasabi' flavour...ice cream with a mustard aftertaste...yummy).

The last few days in Japan were spent at Japan's Glastonbury - the Fuji Rock Festival. We pitched a tent and did battle with the changable mountain weather and pouring rain.

Our ponchos were our best friends - even if I did manage to rip mine early on in the festival. A plastic bag with holes for arms and heads soon sorted that problem though. We sheltered where we could and enjoyed the variety of foods on offer.

And nothing keeps the cold at bay like a fish on a stick and a cup of luke warm beer...

But it was all worth it to see Muse, MGMT, Atoms for Peace, and many others too numerous to list.

And although we shut down the site while we were away we couldn't escape work. There was an early panic in Tokyo when we realised that our e-mail account had been compromised and I spent a few afternoons sat in an internet cafe creating new accounts and trying to remedy the problem. We also bought several new types of origami paper and saw the publication of the August issues of Craft Business and Popular Crafts, in which we were extremely pleased to be featured. We were unsuccessful in finding Mitsubishi PMC sheeting at wholesale prices but were pleased to find a Japanese metal folding company displaying copper versions of the origami crane (albeit a little bigger than ours!). We are also excited about the possibility of one day exhibiting at the craft tent at Fuji Rock Festival.

The reutrn to England has been somewhat of an anti-climax. We have moved house but it has been very much business as usual. We celebrated our first year of business and were pleased to spend it at Peak Fairs in Bakewell where we first started out. It's amazing to think how far we have some in a year.

We are now being exhibited at Yuko Sekiguchi's Studio at the Cromford Mills in Matlock and were pleased to be accepted onto the Creative Greenhouse's 'Partridge in a Pear Tree' Christmas Exhibition at Rufford Park Country House. We have had a busy summer and are looking forward to the run up to Christmas. There is much to do...

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